I had the great luck to visit Paris for a week at the beginning in November. You can imagine: Being an artist myself, I was itching to get into the Louvre. The first thing you notice when you come to Paris: Everything is a bit larger and most definitely more elegant than your common English town. I did know that the Louvre was big and I was under the impression it would fill a wing or two of that palace. God I was wrong. That thing is so huuuge! You can easily spend two or three days in there and still you would not have seen everything properly.

Caspar David Friedrich 037

In my work I specialize on landscape paintings. I am fascinated by the play of light and colour. And therefore I was itching to see all the old masters I have heard of. To appreciate a painting, you have to stand in front of it. There is something in it that cannot be transported in photos. The vibrancy, the emotions and that sense of immersion. Stand in front of it and let the painting touch you and you will know.

A pleasant surprise I encountered was a couple of works in the Baltic and German rooms of the Louvre. The works of Caspar David Friedrich touched my heart. Caspar David Friedrich was a romantic landscape painter how lived in northern Germany at the beginning of the 19th century. His works feature gorgeous sunsets, vibrant colours. He really shows a strong sense of  being one with nature – and he mastered the art of transferring those moments onto his canvas.I just love it.

(To see more of his works, visit http://www.caspardavidfriedrich.org/ )