Gabriel Metsu 004Until the 5th of December (so only two more weeks) Dublin’s National Gallery hosts a special exhibition of 40 works of Gabriel Metsu. If you are in Dublin make sure you visit it. And thanks to Ryanair and Aer-Lingus it does not cost the world.

Gabriel Metsu was a Dutch painter of the golden age of painting in the Netherlands. No, that does not do him justice! He was one of the leading genre painters of his time and had a formative influence on the painters of his time.

He was born in 1629 and started painting in his home town Leiden at the young age of 14. At the age of 21 he was famous enough to move to Amsterdam where he soon built himself a career as famous artist. Metsu painted in a wide variety of styles and his paintings show his sense of detail. When you see his paintings, you can totally be there. When it comes to mastery of the fine details, the Dutch painters are stellar. I am always stunned by their perfect replication of even the finest details, like the carpet and fine fabrics in his paintings.

One of the details you wont find on the net, but that is given in the exhibition: For a very long time many of he and his works were attributed to a later period of Dutch art. His style was truly ahead of his time and nowadays Johannes Vermeer claimed the throne of the most famous painter of such scenes.

Gabriel Metsu died very young at the age of 37 – but the 40 of his works that have been brought together in Dublin are there for you to enjoy. Don’t miss that chance!