In 1900 the art collector Henry Vaughan bequeathed his collection to the three national galleries of Great Britain. One third went to the National Gallery of Scotland, another third went to the Tate Gallery in London and the last 31 drawings and paintings went to the National Gallery in Ireland. The bequest set the condition that the paintings must be made available to the public once a year in January. Watercolour fades easily in sunlight and a exhibition under the grey skies of January should ensure that the works get as little sunlight as possible so that they last longer.

William Turner - Flint Castle

Turner was a Oxford born artist of the romantic period who specialized in landscape paintings. His drawings and water colour pictures are well renowned for their artistic quality and their perfect display of light. I fell in love with Turners works during my time in London. The Tate Gallery and the Turner Wing was my sanctuary during my time in London. Whenever I needed to relax or to just had the urge to forget about the world for a while you could find me there.

Thanks to a 24 Pound return-flight offering by Ryanair I will be able to see this years exhibition in Dublin. If you love paintings that play with light and colour then jump on a plane with Aerlingus or Ryanair and make sure you visit Dublin in January. Bring some colour to your life!